Nevada in the West is a lively, full-color history magazine that began publication in the Spring of 2010. Issued quarterly, it explores the fascinating past of the Silver State, from the 19th century to the present, north and south, urban and rural. In its pages we take looks at familiar subjects – hopefully from new perspectives or with the addition of fresh facts, and also present stories on previously unexplored and quite recent topics. We offer, from time to time, history-related opinion pieces. A continuing theme of the magazine is the state’s development in the context of regional and national change.

From early explorers, Native American leaders, mining moguls, and frontier lawmen to political figures, artists, entertainers, mobsters and gaming industry giants, the most colorful personalities from Nevada’s history make appearances in our pages.

Every issue contains a variety of illustrated articles, book reviews, quizzes to test your knowledge of the state, and other features. Our regular “Exploring the Silver State” feature focuses on historic places that are worth a visit, and “Treasures of Nevada” spotlights important museum artifacts or historic buildings around the state that should be seen.

The magazine is produced by a staff that is quite small, but is very familiar with and passionately interested in the history of Nevada. Our goal is to offer our readers an authoritative publication that is informative – and even sometimes surprising, as well as entertaining.