Information for authors

Nevada in the West is a quarterly, full-color magazine that publishes articles, book reviews, and other features dealing with all aspects of Nevada’s past, from the 19th century to the present, north and south, urban and rural. A continuing theme is the state’s development in the context of regional and national change. Especially welcome are articles providing new information about, or fresh interpretations of prominent events, places, personalities, or developmental trends. Subjects might be in the fields of social, cultural, economic or political history, and deal with such things as mining camps and ghost towns, urban growth and development, the mining industry, development of literature and the arts, law and order, ranching and agriculture, early exploration and settlement, the emigrant experience, Native Americans, significant ethnic groups, the gaming industry, transportation, education, churches and religious life, organized labor, individual businesses and industries, science and technology, historic preservation, folklore, military matters, and sporting events and personalities.


The preferred length of articles is 1,200-2,400 words. Payment upon publication is $100 for articles of this length. $75 will be paid for articles of less than 1,200 words. An additional $10 will be paid for each submitted photograph or other illustration that is used with an article. Authors will also receive four copies of the magazine in which their article appears. Book reviews of 500-800 words may be submitted by arrangement with the editor; payment of $50 ($40 if we provide the book) will be made upon publication. Payment is for one-time use of any article or book review, with Nevada in the West retaining the right to use the article or review in a future anthology, or compilation, of writings from the magazine, provided the author of the article or review is paid again the amount of the initial payment for the writing.


The preferred style for articles or book reviews is that of The Chicago Manual of Style.  Articles will not be footnoted; they may be concluded with a brief note on sources.


Submissions, or any questions should be directed to the Editor, Eric Moody, at Nevada in the West, 846 Victorian Avenue, Suite 24H, Sparks, NV 89431, or by email at  Our telephone is 775-333-6607.